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Orthodox Community's First Ever Chamber of Commerce Launched to Service the Jewish Business World


Warren Buffett and other Business Leaders Featured in New Issue of Business Network Magazine


Hundreds of Businesses Join Historic Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce


A Single New Address for all Business Brokerage, Venture Capital and Investments


High Ranking Cory Booker Deputy Visits Parnassah Network’s Lakewood Headquarters 


OJC Leads Delegation to Discuss Parnassah Challenges at the White House 


Groundbreaking “Parnes Bais Knesses” Parnassah Initiative Closing the Gap in every community


Parnassah Network Launches New Business Consulting Center  


Upcoming "Online Marketplace Selling" Seminar Is a Perfect Opportunity to Learn a Parnassah in One Day!


Parnassah Expo 2015: Join the Business World on the Floor – Exactly Where You Want To Be


Women in the Workforce Seminar at Parnassah Expo

Businesses/Entrepreneurs in Need of Capital


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Figures Meet for Pre-Expo Planning 


Message from President Obama to Be Delivered at Orthodox Jewish B2B Trade Show 


Letter from Cory Booker to Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce 


Focused Activity and Solid Gains at 2015 Parnassah Expo  


OJC Acknowledged on Capitol Hill


J BIZ Expo 2016 Media Coverage


Jewish American Heritage Month. Letter from Senator Cory Booker


Cory Booker's Hakaras Hatov 


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Undertakes Multi-Pronged Effort to Defeat BDS


Jewish Chamber of Commerce Schedules US-Israel Business Alliance Mission